Richard Buxbaum

For half a century, the Buxbaum family cared for the artistic legacy of the German-American artist Carl Heidenreich (1901-1965). Henry Buxbaum, a German-born doctor started collecting Heidenreich’s paintings and works on paper in the early 1950s and championed the artist in the United States and Germany throughout his life. Richard Buxbaum continued his father’s project. A distinguished legal scholar and Professor Emeritus at UC Berkeley Law, Richard Buxbaum worked to preserve the artist’s work, to steward the network of his collectors and friends, and to stimulate research, publications, and exhibitions. He now serves as the President of the Carl Heidenreich Foundation.

Interview with Richard Buxbaum

On September 26, 2017 Alla Efimova interviewed Buxbaum about his family’s loyalty to this riveting artist. Read the interview here.

On October 5, 2017 KunstWorks interviewed Richard Buxbaum once again. This second conversation concerns how he reconnected with Emanuel Wolf, the largest collector of Heidenreich's art, making it possible to appreciate the full extent of the artist's legacy. Read the second interview here.

Selected works from the collection of Richard Buxbaum