Launch Event at the Berkeley Art Museum

The Carl Heidenreich Foundation is pleased to announce the first launch event on November 20 at the Berkeley Art Museum Pacific Film Archive. BAMPFA holds a number of significant works by Heidenreich in its collection, thanks to the generous gifts of Richard M. Buxbaum. In 2004, the museum presented the exhibition Carl Heidenreich and Hans Hofmann in Postwar New York

"With the world's largest public collection of Hans Hofmann paintings, BAM/PFA takes an ongoing interest in exploring the effects of Hofmann's teaching on his students and colleagues. On view in the Hofmann Gallery is a selection of works by Carl Heidenreich in an exhibition that examines the work of these two German-born artists in America. Heidenreich studied with Hofmann at the latter's Munich school in the early 1920s. Although their paths diverged in the ensuing decades, both found themselves displaced to the New World by the fascist devastation of Europe."

Future launch events are planned in New York and Berlin in 2017.